Wallington Missionary Mart & Auctions

Phone: Missionary Mart - 020 8669 3495   Auctions - 020 8647 8437
Wallington Missionary Mart and Auctions is a registered Christian charity (established in 1966) that sells through its two arms, The Missionary Mart and Wallington Missionary Auctions (see below), items of all descriptions that are donated to it. 

The proceeds raised, after expenses, are distributed to registered UK Christian charities mostly operating overseas. Donors are able to nominate the Mission Agency of their choice to which the proceeds are to be sent.

Wallington Missionary Mart & Auctions ® | Rear of 105 Stafford Road Wallington,Surrey SM6 9AP

A charitable company limited by guarantee

Vernon Hedderly OBE (dec'd 1st August 2006)
Joint Presidents:
Sir Cliff Richard OBE, Rev Garry Guiness MA
Council of Management:
S.J.Crawley (Chairman); B.E. Chapman; S.P. Collett; S.M. Symes;